Wall-climbing, rafting, jumping, paintball, paragliding, and the numerous exciting programs, which are organised by companies in order to forge a real team out of their employees, can be counted further. The adventures experienced together are appropriate for shaping a feeling of belonging and comradeship in people simply working next to each other so far, which is to have a beneficial effect also on the work in later times.
These adventures are rightly popular also today, although the magic of novelty worn off a little from them. It is one of the features of man that he would always like to try something new. Just for that we provide help..
The originality of the idea is just in its simplicity. We had no new thing to invent, just the opposite! The essence, that has been forgot long ago, but always wished for again, is being near to nature. The Nomad Party is offering just that, of which there is already so little today: simplicity instead of various super technical achievements. Technology will only be so much that is indispensable for the adventure.
For the Nomad Party the most important element is perhaps water. Participants of the Nomad Party can reach their destination on the Danube by modern boats for six to twelve persons, but nothing is against it if the team selecting company chose another river or lake. Participants can reach the place of camping by buses matching all requirements. The groups that consist of at least twelve people, but can go up to even one hundred, are received by tents, chairs, open-fire kettles, cutlery and trench spades. These latter are necessary, because even in the womb of nature there are certain human necessities to be solved. And this happens, fit for the name of the Nomad Party, in rather puritan conditions. It goes without saying, camping beginners can take advantage of workmanlike assistance too.
Beside various devices, accessories we await team selectors also with very unusual water programs: water ski, tube, wakeboard. And for the well deserved lunch the indispensable requisite of camping, i.e. goulash, is being prepared. Well, all for the guest! On demand a catering company set up on the spot can offer a selection of cold plate food or meals fit for the standard of a five-star hotel. The cook strives to meet all requirements on gastronomy. The participants of the Nomad Party can get a whole complex service.
After meal the team can decide once more, whether it will continue with a water-sport contest or, if they fancy so, they will carry-on with getting acquainted with the architectural and cultural values of a settlement next to the nomad camp..
The Nomad Party program is basically a single-day one, but, if the company decides so, it is not impossible for us to organise a longer tour for the team selection.


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